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The focus of advanced email marketing is shifting more and more towards the use of emails. The technology enabling you to build, manage, report, analyse and react is becoming more sophisticated and powerful. And the tools available are far more flexible and easy to customise. Driving email campaigns, managing newsletters, running competitions, handling customer services and all the other myriad options offered by emails, can all be handled in-house using our wizard-driven, web-based system.
For acquiring and retaining customers, email marketing is ideal, offering an interactive, low cost solution. What other medium offers you such flexibility and opportunity for developing a virtually personal relationship with millions of customers? The technology available will allow you to tailor what you offer almost magically to what you have learnt about your customers. This is a two-way process, you can track their past interests, what they have bought from you, what has interested them in previous emails, and you can empower them to select the information they want from you.
The technology is available to make it easy to personalise your emails, customise the content, the format and the timing of its delivery. And allow recipients to respond – to request more information, to enter a competition, even to buy a product – directly by email. The tools to enable advanced use of targeted, reactive, one-to-one email marketing campaigns are available. Companies with the vision to capitalise on this developing technology can use the information they have collected about their customers and prospects to reduce the costs of customer support, create further sales and build lifetime relationships with their customers.

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email marketing
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